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  • Yokohama

    The Landmark Tower Sky Garden

    Just one of those days where the sky was clear and blue, making me feel compelled to go out. Took a train to Yokohama, some 45-minute ride from…

  • Yokohama

    Sakuragicho at night

    Brought Mama to Sakuragicho. We had a long walk around the bay. By the time we were ready to leave, the sun had long set and it was pouring…

  • Yokohama

    Sweets paradise

    Another round of buffet. This time its desserts! There’s this famous place for desserts called Sweets Paradise, a buffet restaurant serving cakes, desserts and such. It’s sort of…

  • Yokohama

    Short trip to Sakuragicho

    Stopped by Sakuragicho Station in Yokohama, located just 30 minutes away from Tokyo by rail. Why are we going to Sakuragicho again? Because it’s a beautiful place and it’s serene…

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