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    Food in Paris: Berthillon

    Before I left for Paris, someone familiar with the city texted to tell me to try ice-creams from Berthillon. Since it’s something recommended in the Paris guidebook I’ve been reading, too,…

  • Paris

    Monuments in Paris: Sacre Coeur

    After spending some time at the red light district, we were climbing up a hill. We were on our way to visit the highlight of Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur. [heading h=”h3″…

  • Paris

    Monuments in Paris: Moulin Rouge

    Considering that once upon a time I was obsessed with the movie Moulin Rouge, it makes sense that one of the places that I thought I should see in Paris, shoule…

  • Paris

    Museums in Paris: Palais Garnier

    Remember The Phantom of the Opera, the book we read in high school? I think it’s one of the more interesting literature we’ve had to read. During that year, my school had…

  • Paris

    Museums in Paris: Musee Rodin

    Another museum that we’ve gone to while in Paris was Musée Rodin. It’s a museum somewhere in the heart of Paris, dedicated to the works of Auguste Rodin, the famous French…

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