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  • Seoul

    Visiting Seoul Museum of History

    How can you truly appreciate a city without knowing its origins? We were curious to know more about Seoul. Our previous visits to other places before this helped provide a different…

  • Seoul

    The cancelled flight to Jeju

    Disclaimer: Draft lama, baru nak publish. After exploring Yeouido Park, we headed to Insadong for lunch, picked up our bags and headed to Gimpo Airport to get on our flight to…

  • Seoul

    Cycling at Yeouido Park

    Yeouido is an island located on the Han River of Seoul that’s referred to as the Manhattan of Seoul. It’s one of the major business districts in the city. At the…

  • Seoul

    Seoul’s River of Life

    Cheonggyecheon is the stream that flows to the heart of Seoul, considered important to the city since it became the capital of the Joseon Dynasty centuries ago. It’s not just any other river,…

  • Seoul

    Exploring old Seoul

    We decided to explore old Seoul before venturing to other parts of the city, figuring that we’ve to have an understanding of bits of its history to appreciate it. So we made a…

  • Seoul

    Deciding on Seoul

    I was asleep. My phone rang at 1AM and I heard Reza’s voice. “Babe, kita pegi Seoul nak tak?” “???” “I tengah discuss dengan Aizat now…” Shit sleepy, I was. He…