Dinner. Present was Mama and Asna. Reza and I just joined them and we were having a conversation about something.

Then I was reminded of a teka-teki (guessing game) that I wanted to share with Asna. She has dark humor kan.

I asked everyone on the table:

“Apa yang kita tanam pagi, tengahari/petang/malam boleh makan?”

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Asna’s leaving

Asna got accepted into a boarding school and she’s going to do what she applied and interviewed for – IGCSE. Ramai orang tanya, alang-alang she’s going to a boarding school, why didn’t she end up applying to STF to be a Srikandi like Mama? Tapi long story short, as the youngest, parents want her close and think she’d enjoy IGCSE and have better shot at scholarships if she continues to do well. Fortunately, her placement is just an hour away, so senang for us to visit.

Mama has bought her everything. Uniforms, prep clothes, pillows, mattress pad, bed sheets, blankets, toiletries, detergents, small drawers, etc. She seems more nervous than Asna. Asna seems to have not yet registered that she’s leaving in a week and I’m not sure if she’s mentally prepared.

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Everything Else


I sometimes wake up tired because my dreams are often of adventures that either involve using my body (RPG style, on a mission to look for something or run from something) or brain (like figuring out how to design a better seating layout for an aunt’s restaurant that is non-existent IRL to accommodate more patrons).

Last night, I dreamt of Tokyo.

So I was on the Odaiba seaside during sunset and admiring the view of the Rainbow Bridge. A leisurely walk until there was a countdown timer appearing out of nowhere. Seconds later a whirlpool emerged on the bayside behind me and it turned into a hurricane.

Out came Godzilla marching in the water, towards the city kot. They way to the city meant it would cross paths with the Rainbow Bridge.

The inevitable happened — it didn’t just walked pass the Rainbow Bridge like it wasn’t there like I imagined, instead it punched the bridge to collapse it, purposely.

I was so pissed at Godzilla for shattering the bridge and ruining my serene view.

The rest of the time I was trying to get something fixed that was broken by Godzilla on its way to destroying everything.

I woke up feeling so exhausted.


Prefect Asna

Hungry. So I asked Reza he wanted to go down and eat but he ignored me since he was on his phone. Later, he said.

Since he wasn’t interested, I knocked on Asna’s door and ask her to accompany me eat downstairs. She was also on her phone, too.

“Ask Abang Reza to accompany you.”

“He doesn’t want, he’s busy with his phone.”

“Go nag him.”

“He won’t listen. You try nag him.”

I kept on pestering her to go down with me, until she had enough and put her phone down.


She got up to her feet, marched to my bedroom and knocked the door.

“Can I come in?”

She always asks and Reza always says:

“Yes, come in.”

After that I expected her to start nagging Reza.

Instead… she was walking leisurely inside the room, sitting on the floor and twirling.

“Whatchu doin’?” she asked Reza.

It’s like she had forgotten what she intended to do -_-

“Oi. You said you were going to nag him???”

“Oh. Ye lah ye lah!”

She got up and spoke authoritatively to Reza:

“Don’t be a bad husband! Go teman your wife makan!”

Reza’s jaw dropped lol.


In the end Asna accompanied me makan, with Reza following suit minutes later.



So I sent asna a serious series of text semalam over something. I expected her to reply, but she didn’t.

Just now, after I came home, I asked her if she’d read my text.

Smoothly, she answered:

“Yes I did.”


“I gave you a blue tick.”




Loyar buruk Asna

They came back from the grocery store.

Asna finished the whole box of Pocky in Mango when Mama came into her room and noticed the empty box.

“Eh, ni yang Mama baru beli tadi ke? Dah habis! You tak tinggalkan for Mama pun???”

Asna’s didn’t say a word, but pretended to be guilty when I know that she isn’t.

“Umm yes.”

As constant batu api, I had to do my job.

“You always don’t leave anything behind for other people. What have you given Mama in the past month, Asna?”

I recall the time I brought home mandarin oranges, 10 in a bag and offered some to her. The next day when I came home there was only 1 left. Douchebag betul.

Then Mama said:

“Nothing. She doesn’t give me anything.”

Asna was like eheheheheh.

Then she menjawab:

“Not this month, but in November ada lah!”

“What?” Mama asked.

“6A untuk UPSR!”

Mama was like -_-

“Sudahlah! You got 6As for yourself, not for me!”

“Betul lah! 6A untuk buat parents gembira hihihi!”

Then Mama went out of the room lolol.

Asna just laughed.

I told her that her name should be Ass-hole instead of As-na and she laughed even harder.