Aunty Asna

I was driving home and slowed down at one of the major roundabouts at Bukit Jelutong. The car beside me also slowed down and after that the window of the passenger seat of the car was wound down.

From a glimpse, I can see a makcik bertudung besar in large glasses and big sleeves, sticking her head out of the window, shouting at me with wild hand gestures I didn’t clearly see. Macam nak cari gaduh.

So I thought:

“Apa pulak ni…”

It was only when the car took over me that I saw who it really was.

It was Asna, who was returning home for her long break, wearing her wide MRSM tudung bawal and baggy uniform and large round-framed eyeglasses accentuating her round face, shouting from the car to get my attention -_-

Sigh. How makcik you have grown.

Style Diaries

My Vara Python Laser Cut Pumps

Reza wanted to get me something after he got his bonus earlier this year. He asked me if I wanted to upgrade my wedding ring i.e. get a bigger stone, which initially shocked me because it was ridiculously generous of him… but then I figured that he must have forgotten how diamonds cost. I told him I was okay if he got me something else. To make it easy, he told me to think about what I wanted and let him know. Continue Reading


Asna and Reza

Asna is very protective of Reza but when she sees him not “behaving”, she has no qualms about making her remarks.


I was explaining to Reza the different kinds of sugars and the ones we needed to avoid. I was sitting on the floor beside the bed, reading my book, while he, lying on the bed. Think he got bored so he terlelap.

Asna, who was sitting on the bed and also listening, took notice of Reza and said:

“Oi don’t sleep. Listen to your wife’s lecture!”

Reza, dari terlelap, blurted out, “What!!!”



Buka puasa at the round table, sitting between Reza and Asna. Asna braided my hair towards the end of dinner, then she stood up and showed the result to Reza.

“Look, Abang Reza!”

Reza said the same thing he says whenever Asna kacau me:

“Why are you harassing my wife?”

Asna (who was not harassing me this time) sentap because she was accused of harassing me:

“I’m not harassing her! I’m braiding her hair!”

Then out of nowhere, she said:

“I’m her sister! My darjat is higher than yours!”

“You’re just her husband… yang sah!”

Then she stopped talking because I think she realized she’s not making much sense.

Mama and everyone else was like “???”



About to have dinner, we were waiting for everyone else to come down. Reza was scrolling his social media feeds at the living room.

I whispered to Asna somehting I made up:

“Abang Reza’s checking out hot chicks on Instagram.”

Her face was like, “Serious?”

Then she marched and took a seat beside Reza, peeking into his phone.

“So… whatchu doin’?”

She attempted to spy LOLOLOLOLOL.

“Cikyong says you’re checking out pictures of hot chicks.”

From that distance, Reza looked at me and whispered:

“What the ****?”


Exploring Nami Island

A trip to Seoul is more complete with an excursion to Nami Island, a small island that’s located about 75 minutes away. The island rose to fame and became a major tourist destination when it became the shooting location of Winter Sonata, the TV series that led the first Korean Wave. It’s not just a scenic island filled with beautiful parks — it also features farms, museums, sculptures, architectures, etc. all spread out across the island.

We spent the day exploring the whole of the island, riding on our rented tandem bicycle and stopping by to take hundreds of pictures. Continue Reading

Style Diaries

My DvF Batik Dress

I was at DvF to check out the dresses.

Tried several that fit my criteria for a DvF dress: a classic collarless wrap in neutral tones.

The SA who was assisting me, Y, pointed out a batik-inspired, blue-based multicolor floral wrap dress for me to try — just like the one she was wearing. I declined putting it on, telling her it’s so different from what I’m used to. My dresses are usually colorful, yes, but when it comes to DvF I prefer them to be serious and low-key.

When I went home, though, I kept thinking about the dress. The print was not very DvF (neither was it very me) but it’s something! Continue Reading


Mama’s manja daughter

Every time Mama nags Asna and criticizes her behavior, Asna is usually redha because she knows she’s wrong. She doesn’t get angry with Mama over this. Ever.

I like to make things worse, so the times she kena leter I whisper to her ear. Things like, “Asna, she’s insulting you! How dare she!”.

Good girl Asna usually dismisses my whispers.

Recently, time my whisper was too loud and Mama heard it. She said to Asna:

“You know I’ll never say bad things about you. You’re my daughter.”

Asna leaned on Mama, her face touching Mama’s.

“Even if you say it, you don’t mean it right, Mama?”

Oh barf geli.

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