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    2 guys, 1 girl & Akiba

    Learn more about the awesomeness of Akihabara: Revisiting the Electric Town Since my brother had dreamt about visiting this place, I thought it’d be nice to introduce him…

  • Tokyo

    Naan at Akihabara

    After the night he landed, the first place we’d brought my brother to was Akihabara, the otaku haven. But before any serious touring can be done, though, we…

  • Tokyo

    The magic towel

    Akihabara is famed for being the electric town of Tokyo, where you can find all sorts of gadgets and electronics at one place. As someone who has a…

  • Tokyo

    Playing catch

    The claw cranes (or widely known as UFO catchers) of various arcades in Japan lure people with awesome goodies as prizes — from good quality plush toys, figurines…

  • Tokyo

    Karaoke experience at Big Echo

    We were clueless about what to do. Then and there, there was a literally a sign. BIG ECHO! Big Echo is like the karaoke chain company in Japan.…

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