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  • Style Diaries

    My Amethyst City bag

    It was getting dark. Just hanging around at my workstation while waiting for Reza’s call since we go back together now. Guy sitting on the next desk saw the thing…

  • Style Diaries

    My black city bag

    I finally got a Balenciaga City in black yay! I said finally because the first Balenciaga bag that I ever wanted was a City bag in black. 5…

  • Style Diaries

    My Balenciaga mini pompon

    I began admiring this Balenciaga bag in Gris Pyrite somewhere early this year. It’s in a color I like and it’s in the style I’ve been curious to…

  • Style Diaries

    My Ardoise City bag

    Last year I blogged about my bag crush on Balenciaga City in Ardoise. Managed to source a new one all the way from Las Vegas and had to…

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