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Eating in Tokyo

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    Visiting a cat cafe in Tokyo

    Come to think of it… the last Tokyo trip for me is like a trip to fulfill whatever it is that I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t…

  • Tokyo

    The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

    I’ve been wanting to go to Tsukiji Fish Market (also known as Tokyo Central Wholesale Market) since forever. Finally managed to do it in Tokyo before the end of…

  • Tokyo

    Bento at Hotto Motto

    Looking forward to have some cheap eats in Tokyo? Try Hotto Motto! Hotto Motto is a chain bento restaurant. You’ve probably seen Japanese bento being sold in supermarkets…

  • Tokyo

    Halal kebab at Anatolia

    There are many places selling halal kebab in Tokyo. One of the better kebab places I’ve been to in Tokyo is Anatolia. Everything about the restaurant is Turkish!…

  • Tokyo

    Hooters at Akasaka

    When you’re up for western food joints in Tokyo, where do you head to? We went to Hooters, a chain restaurant from the US that serves things like burgers, chicken wings,…

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