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Eating in Tokyo

  • Tokyo

    Desserts at Sweets Forest

    When you’re in Jiyugaoka, I was told, you must have sweets at Sweets Forest. It’s one of the major attractions there. Sweets Forest is supposed “theme park” located at…

  • Tokyo

    Can’t get enough

    The objective of stopping by Shibuya, apart from walking across the Shibuya crossing, is really to have desserts. Since she had such a good time at L’Occitane Cafe…

  • Japan

    Kebab box at Harajuku

    Harajuku has become an obligatory stop for my every trip to Tokyo. Although I don’t shop there, I’d still take the Takeshita exit and cross the road, just…

  • Tokyo

    Cheap sushi at Kurazushi

    The time spent at Akiba had left us hungry. Before we returned to our hotel in Shinagawa, the three of us stopped by Kurazushi, a kaiten-sushi restaurant located just…

  • Tokyo

    Naan at Akihabara

    After the night he landed, the first place we’d brought my brother to was Akihabara, the otaku haven. But before any serious touring can be done, though, we…

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