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  • Japan Tokyo

    Blending in

    We were just walking along the street to let my brother experience, well, walking along Takeshita-dori. I think he was glad he’d reached the famous Harajuku. There wasn’t…

  • Japan Tokyo

    A brief Harajuku walkthrough

    I’m sure you’ve heard of Harajuku — it’s a shopping district in Tokyo that’s also referred as the center of Japanese teenage street style and culture, highly popular…

  • Japan

    Kebab box at Harajuku

    Harajuku has become an obligatory stop for my every trip to Tokyo. Although I don’t shop there, I’d still take the Takeshita exit and cross the road, just…

  • Tokyo

    Tamagotchi donuts

    If you’re a 90s kid, you’d remember the time when Tamagotchi took the country by storm. We were all fixated by the idea of cyber this and that…

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