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  • Tokyo

    Can’t get enough

    The objective of stopping by Shibuya, apart from walking across the Shibuya crossing, is really to have desserts. Since she had such a good time at L’Occitane Cafe…

  • Japan Tokyo

    The Shibuya Crossing

    I was determined to make most of the day. After a short tour of Shinjuku, I led my brother to Harajuku once more. We walked along the posh…

  • Tokyo

    Sweet tooth

    Was supposed to be on my own after the late lunch. I think they got a little worried about me, being in the city alone. His mom, particularly.…

  • Tokyo

    Camii mosque in Tokyo

    Before we left for on the last day, Reza brought my mom and I to the Camii Mosque at Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo. Here’s one place I’ve been looking…

  • Tokyo

    Lively Shibuya

    The Shibuya crossing again. It’s located just outside the West exit of the Shibuya station (if I’m not mistaken) and has appeared on a number of dramas and…

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