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Sightseeing in Tokyo

  • Tokyo

    Camii mosque in Tokyo

    Before we left for on the last day, Reza brought my mom and I to the Camii Mosque at Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo. Here’s one place I’ve been looking…

  • Tokyo

    Sakura at Shinjuku

    There are two notable parks to visit at Shinjuku, both known for sakura viewing in spring. The bigger, more popular and beautiful¬†Shinjuku Gyoen is formerly owned by the…

  • Tokyo

    Cruisin’ together

    After visiting the Sensoji Temple, we walked to one of my favorite sushi places in Tokyo. Parents had sushi for the first time in Japan! The kaiten-sushi joint…

  • Tokyo

    Exploring Todai

    Took a stroll inside Japan’s most prestigious university, University of Tokyo. Beautiful buildings, a mix of old and new. It’s been more than a year since I last…

  • Tokyo

    Strolling at Ueno

    The Ueno station is one of the biggest stations in Tokyo. Quite a lot of attractions surround it. I recall the first time I visited Ueno with friends.…

  • Tokyo

    Going up Tokyo Tower

    After the cruise, we walked all the way towards Hamamatsucho station, then to Tokyo Tower. Without a single map! Well the tower was obviously very visible from far,…

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