Deciding on Istanbul

How did Reza and I end up at Istanbul?

We were flying to Europe with Turkish Airlines. With a 12-hour of transit time in Istanbul, we figured it was the perfect opportunity to explore the city.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that Turkish Airlines has this program called TourIstanbul where it provides complimentary guided tours of Istanbul for transit passengers! They were offering half and full day tours covering various Istanbul icons and the one we signed up for happened to include the things that I was hoping to see, like the Blue Mosque. They even provided breakfast and lunch. It was a no brainer that we should go for the tour.

Will write about the places we went to next.

Style Diaries

My DVF Amelia Stardust and Galaxy Dress

This is the DvF Amelia wrap dress and it is unlike the dresses that I’ve previously bought. While it’s still a silk wrap dress, the skirt of the Amelia is voluminous thanks to the thicker and more structured fabric. I toyed with the idea of trying this style out but none of the previous prints tempted me enough.

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Food in Seoul

The K-wave has been the rage for the past 10 years or so. K-drama, K-pop, K-beauty, K-fashion, K-food. I’ve never been a fan of K-anything except for the looks of Song Hye Kyo or the sexy voice of Rain Bi (the only Korean stars I can name before Asna introduced me to BTS — are they still relevant?). Hence my Seoul plan was being a tourist, not going to drama locations or shopping for clothes or beauty masks or trying street food. But my my my what a surprise it was to experience actual K-food in Seoul.

Here’s a list of things I tried and loved:


Tteokbokki, from my limited observation, is chewy rice cake cooked with other condiments in spicy sauce.

Happened to pass by long street with lots of shops and restaurants and saw seafood so we decided to try it. Each table has a gas cooker installed on top of it. We ordered seafood tteokbokki with noodles and received a big bowl of noodles, clams, squids, cabbages and tteokbokki with spicy sauce and it was cooked/boiled in front of us.

It was so so so good that on another day, we traveled from another end to the city and walked under heavy rain just to have it again. It was unfortunately closed so we had to walk further to find a similar restaurant lol. In hindsight, there were probably a lot of tteokbokki restaurants everywhere we go but since we didn’t come prepared when it comes to food, we didn’t know.


Went here because not everyone can sustain on only seafood Not usually a fan of BBQ (I’ve tried Korean BBQ back home but it was meh) but man, was this place good! Lamb was succulent, with plenty of side dishes to complement it. Like in the previous case, we also walked from another part of town here under scorching hot sun to have it again before departing Seoul. Worth the hype.

Check out Yang Good.

Teppan Fried Rice

Like tteokbokki, teppan fried rice can be found at many places — think we went to at least 3 different restaurants in our last visit. Like tteokbokki too, each table had a gas cooker installed. We ordered seafood teppan and received a big bowl of chili paste, rice and ingredients and was shown how to gaul everything until it became teppan fried rice.

I never thought nasi goreng with chili, rice cake and seafood can taste this good, although the degree of the deliciousness varies from one restaurant to another.

I ate a lot more stuff but these are the things that have left an impression although they’re so simple lol. It’s the reason I warmed up to Korean food 🙂

Style Diaries

My DvF Lilyann Stella Black Print Dress

(Old story, baru publish)

I’m a sucker for DvF’s abstract black and white dresses and this Lilyann dress fits the bill.

The Lilyann dress is different from Julian, the classic collarless wrap dress that I am used to, as it has a fluted skirt with a length that’s longer than usual. The cut is relatively more feminine – it’s prim and proper, not so me but the print… it is the bomb. It looks like an angry watercolor splatter print in black and white and the result makes the dress look edgy and cool despite its feminine cut. Continue Reading

Life in Tokyo Tokyo

Sushi Zanmai in Tokyo

On the way back to TIEC, my usual route includes changing lines at Shimbashi. Just outside the station is Sushi Zanmai, a relatively affordable and decent Japanese restaurant chain (not like the one we know in Malaysia) that opens 24/7.

When I come home late, most of the restaurants along the way would have closed, but I knew I could count on this to get my comforting bowl of chirashi don.

Locate a Sushi Zanmai here.


Visiting The War Memorial of Korea

The thing that drove us to the War Memorial of Korea was the high rating that it received on TripAdvisor. This museum is super huge, has lots of sections telling war stories from different eras.

The museums in Seoul that we visited earlier gave us an idea of how Korea was formed and the things that they had to go through before becoming a modern nation, however, Reza and I both agree that there was something missing – the museum lightly touched but didn’t thoroughly explained what really happened between the north and south that caused the country to divide into what is now known as the North and South Korea. Well, this memorial bridged the gap. Maybe they did it on purpose so we’d visit this memorial lol. Continue Reading

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