Being inquisitive

Before I started doing what I do now, I wasn’t very talkative. Couldn’t give a care about anything else, because I didn’t believe in meddling in the business of others. I thought that if people don’t choose to talk about something, then I shouldn’t be asking. And if people don’t ask, I’d just keep my mouth shut.

When I started work, I wasn’t that friendly. There weren’t many of us young bloods back then. So without like minds, I became quiet. If you ask my closest friends in the Bank now, I bet they’d say that the earlier memories registered in their brain of me, is that I was scary and that I had little to say (although we laugh over it now).

So, what happened then?

My line of work requires me to be inquisitive. It involves talking (or making inquiries) to people in different functions, positions and organizations and understanding what, why and how they do things.

Fast forward, without me realizing, I’d been trained to talk more.

For instance, while the manicurist was doing my nails at A Cut Above yesterday, I initiated a little chat with her. After half an hour, I now know when the salon’s established, when it’s business started picking up, how long she’s been doing nails, her working hours, the most productive she’s been, the peak seasons, the number of staff they have and the capacity of different branches of the salon, etc.

Previously, my lips would have been sealed and my eyes would’ve been fixed on a book I’d brought from home. But you know, making conversations isn’t so bad. There’s so much you can learn from other people.

I think I’ve grown in the curiosity department. This is like my little achievement.

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