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French Sole’s private preview

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I recall my mum being a skeptic when I first showed her my French Sole flats.

She then tried it on her own, changed her mind, thought they were comfortable and have purchased at least five different pairs of shoes from the store.

So of course she’d agreed to accompany me to French Sole’s SS2013 Private Preview when I asked her to (held on the same day and time as Anya Hindmarch’s Pomp Your Handbag). They were offering discounts storewide.

“Thanks for introducing us to your mother”, said one of the managers.

So why was I there? I had hoped to find a pair of walking shoes which would look good enough for work and comfortable enough for crossing streets on a daily basis – like my mum’s Gabi shoes, which has cushion, arch support and rubber soles (like driving shoes). The pair I’d earlier gotten from French Sole are now battered from day-to-day use and hurt after being worn for long walks, outdoors.

Anyhow, no black shoes in the store made the cut. Or rather it’s my own two feet that have changed. I suspect that the bunions that had recently developed that are causing the discomfort. My mum picked shoe by shoe off the shelves, asking whether I’d like to try them. I think she sympathizes me for not having flat shoes that are comfortable enough to wear daily.

“That’s very nice of your mum to pick shoes for you!” one of the staff commented.

“We do this for each other,” my mum responded — which was true!

But for each shoe that I tried – if the length’s okay, they’re often not broad enough to accommodate my feet. And when the shoes do not suit the bill, I dare not make a purchase.

I felt so bad toward the girl who was attending me for having to take out boxes and boxes out, I felt the need to apologize to her a few times.

French Sole
She told me to try it on.

As I was trying the shoes, my mum spotted a pair of nude flats in patent leather that shimmers lightly, embossed to imitate crocodile skin. She thought they were very comfortable.

I was ready to leave the store empty handed, accepting the fact that I may have to look further. My mum on the other hand, decided to get the nude flats.

It’s very amusing to know that I was the one who was looking forward to this, but instead she was the one who came home with a pair of shoes – and I must say that they look very good on her!

“Have you tried the black quilted flats I bought that previously? Boleh pakai Mama punya”

LOL. She still felt sorry for me and offered me another pair of her shoes. A little touched, but no, I refused the offer. I’ll keep searching.

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