Arguing with Asna

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For the few days after I’d done the procedure, Asna refused to look at me while she spoke. When she accidently did, she would dramatically chatter her teeth, pretending like my face was that horrible, place her palms on her cheeks and run away, telling me she doesn’t want to see it.

At times when I try being serious, she wouldn’t listen and continue looking away. One point I got so annoyed at the reaction, I tried to make her feel bad.

“You hate me! You’re so hateful!”

“I don’t hate you, you just have an ugly face.”


I tried to get support from my mum, but she wasn’t listening. I was on my own.

“That’s so mean! I never call you ugly… even when you are!”

She was annoyed, stuck her tongue out and blew bubbles.

I win.

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