Asna and the mannequins

My mum planned on buying fabrics for the usherettes, so over the weekend we headed to Jakel to hunt for some.

This time, we dragged Asna along, thinking that we’d get the fabrics for her dresses, too. Although reluctant to leave her online games, she agreed. At the location, she got excited, couldn’t sit still for long and was often running around, telling me that she’s found a secret path in the store (which turned out to be a not so secret path which would lead you to the window where you can see KFC across the road).

She didn’t care about the fabrics. She paid more attention to the mannequins.

She’s always had some sort of interest with mannequins. I brought a half-body mannequin home, once. She treated it like a huge doll, carrying it here and there, dressing it up, and pulling up a blanket for the mannequin, pretending it was sleeping.

Back to Jakel. This one time, I turned to see her touching a mannequin’s chest. She smiled mischievously and laughed when I caught her -_-‘

She would notice what the mannequins would be wearing, too.

“Cikyong, look. So sexy!”


And this one time, she forbade me from entering a section in the store.

“No, no, no. Don’t use this way.”

I ignored her.

“Close your eyes!” she said, while attempting cover my eyes.

I continued ignoring her.

Since she wasn’t able to stop me, she covered her eyes and pointed to what she didn’t want me to see.

It was a mannequin with a bare top!


And every time she passed by that area this is what she did:

To think we’re bringing her to this place again next week.

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  • Avatar
    Akmall Razlan
    September 18, 2013 at 10:17 AM

    Jakel, heard jakel is having sale. is that true?

    • Avatar
      September 18, 2013 at 8:17 PM

      There’s always some sort of sale going on at Jakel.

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