Asna’s birthday presents for Reza

Asna went looking for Reza’s birthday presents, while my mum waited at the cashier counter. She showed my mum the gift she picked — a book and to wrap it, a colorful wrapper and matching ribbons.

My mum had a problem with the book. She didn’t think that Reza would read it. I think you’d agree — the book’s a chic lit called “Cinta di Padang Bola”.

But Asna was sure she made the right decision and defended her pick:

“But Abang Reza loves football!”


My mum talked some sense into Asna and made her buy something different for him.

Reza wasn’t home yet that day. Asna came to my bedroom, all excited. She started wrapping the present on her own. That’s when I learned that she bought him religious books (one was about kiamat and things like that) instead LOLOLOLOL.

Very thoughtful, Asna.

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