The punishment

I was reminded of the time when my mum punished me for not doing too well in primary school.

No, actually it was the first time I didn’t do well in school.


That year I was fooling around too much. It was the year I discovered and was borderline obsessed over Spice Girls — my life revolved around Posh, Baby, Sporty, Ginger and Scary (come to think of it now, what ridiculous names!)

From always being at the top of the class, I was close to the bottom that semester. The previous year I was no. 1, but this time… I got no. 25 lol. To add salt to the wound, the person who was meeting the teacher to receive the report card that day was my mum, the stricter and more fierce parent. Although very unhappy with the results, she seemed calm when she received and went through my report results.

On the way home, I don’t recall her screaming at me. Instead, she was quiet the whole time. God knows what was on her mind… I remember being very scared.

When we reached home, I didn’t go into the house with her. Instead, I excused myself and sought refuge at my neighbour’s place, doors away. I remember doing nothing there, sitting on the swing at their yard while waiting for the storm I imagined to be happening inside the house, to pass.

About half an hour later I found the guts to return home. When I came in, she wasn’t at the hall… I was so relieved to not have to face her. Slowly, I crept up to my bedroom. I noticed that the door of my parents’ bedroom was shut and felt even more relieved that she was settled in the bedroom i.e. we won’t be crossing paths.

Opposite my parents’ room, was mine. One look at it… I sighed.

The door of my bedroom was supposed to be filled with a collage I made of the Spice Girls pictures I’d collected from newspapers and magazine, but it was no longer there — none of the pictures were. Stepped into my room to see that my walls were bare — all the other Spice Girls posters that were supposed to fill parts of my walls were removed, too. Judging from the bits of paint that was chipped from the wall… I imagined they were all viciously torn by a woman full of rage.

Spice Girls Britain Poster
My parents protested the indecency portrayed in this poster, but I taped it to the wall anyway.

All the Spice Girls merchandises — everything I owned that’s related to Spice Girls (including the cassettes, postcards, photos, photo albums and the Posh Spice and Baby Spice dolls I made my dad buy) disappeared from the room. Seemed like nothing was spared.

Felt like that was all I had. It was devastating.


(Found out that she hid everything in a luggage underneath my bed (noob), but I pretended I it wasn’t there and continued accepting the punishment.)

So… how was I reminded of this tragic story?

Asna’s too obsessed with the gadgets we have at home these days (Reza even gave her access to his iMac so that she could play Minecraft WTF — even I don’t get such a privilege). If she’s not playing with electronics, she’d be playing with the many toys she’d acquired since she was a toddler.

Just a few days ago my mum was scolding her for playing instead of studying for her upcoming test. Asna’s heard how my mum took away all my things after I did crap at school. Hoping that it would scare her enough to make her study, my mum said:

“Nak Mama buat macam Cikyong kena dulu?! I will keep all your toys away!”

But here’s the thing with Asna… she doesn’t makan saman. The kid me would’ve been more cautious, but unaffected Asna happily said to my mum:

“Okay, you can take my favorite dress, too!”

… and she continued playing -_-‘

I quote a caption I read on Instagram recently — “Different kid, different SOP”.

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  • Avatar
    Nazneen Zainal
    July 26, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    the spice girls day… I was pretty obsessed too!

    • Avatar
      July 30, 2014 at 10:38 PM

      Neen, I could tell you were haha!

  • Avatar
    Sue Ann
    July 31, 2014 at 1:17 AM

    Gosh I went through a Spice Girls phase too!

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