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When you’re in Jiyugaoka, I was told, you must have sweets at Sweets Forest. It’s one of the major attractions there. Sweets Forest is supposed “theme park” located at a building near a few hundred meters from the train station. At the entrance, you’ll get to grab a map of the place, where you can see the location of the shops that are in the forest.

This place isn’t an amusement park at all, actually. It’s more like a themed food court that exclusively serves desserts. When we stepped in we got the idea… as in why they call it a “theme park” — it’s heavily decorated to make us feel like we’re really inside a forest. There were huge fake trees in surrounding the place. Inside, were 8 different cafes serving different desserts.

Patrons that day were mostly groups of high schoolers.

Sweets Forest Map

These are no ordinary desserts shop, OK. Each shop has its own specialty desserts and each shop is run by a chef! See the list of shops at Sweets Forest for yourself. The chefs there obviously take pride in crafting desserts and making them look good, so imagine us being tempted by different delicious-looking brownies and cakes and crepes and puddings and ice-creams that were displayed in front of the shops.

Reza and I went back and forth, trying to decide which shop to try. Price wise, the desserts there are about the prices of the desserts sold in the city (expect to spend ¥500 to ¥1500 on a single serving), but we had to be calculative because this trip was supposed to be a budget trip.

At the end, we decided to try out this shop that’s located near the exit that’s serving French desserts called Le Souffle. In front of the shop were pictures of their main dessert — the souffle. It looked so so so good. We’re souffle virgins (I don’t even know how to pronounce the word!) so it was the moment to try it out. The souffle was selling for ¥1000 (about RM32).


We were led to a seat just beside the window. Inside the French shop, everything looked “normal”, a contrast to the forest lol. Each souffle is freshly prepared by the chef, the waiter said, so we had to wait up to half an hour for it.

Then it arrived!


Doesn’t it look good?!

Taste wise it’s OK. The souffle was soft and fluffy and warm. On top of it, we poured the chocolate sauce. It’s our first time having souffle, so we weren’t exactly in the position to judge the taste, but it seemed rich and well made. If I had more to spend there, I’d get another one!

Here’s me and the souffle:


If you’re a desserts lover, make sure you drop by Sweets Forest at Meguro, when you have time to spare. Bring your friends, try out the different desserts that are there and experience the forest with your family and friends.

Learn more about Sweets Forest:
Facebook | Website

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