Climbing up Mt. Komagatake


Climbed up Mt. Komagatake to get to the summit after cruising Lake Ashi. No hikihg involved (obviously). The ropeway we got on was a 7-minute ride, climbing close to 1500 meters. I thought the landscape while cruising the lake was gorgeous, but getting a view from the top is even better!

Mt. Komagatake is a lava dome formed after the Hakone eruption 40,000 years ago. The top of the mountain was considered a holy site for religious practices — people used to climb up the hill on special occasions to visit the Hakone Motomiya, a shrine built in the 700s.


The ropeway station was old (Asna even commented that it looked like some abandoned building) and they don’t have the most modern ropeway, but I’d still recommend you to go if you’re at Lake Ashi just because the view on the way up is splendid. I thought it looked surreal. Though it was cold, there was still warmth thanks to the sun because it was a relatively cloudless day, we still saw blue skies and plenty of greens.


On the way up, we could’ve seen Mt. Fuji, too, if the clouds hadn’t blocked the view. It’s actually at the center of this picture.


The summit gave us the view of Lake Ashi and the mountains surrounding it.


At the top, it’s like a huge field. Since this area was formed by lava, trees don’t grow on it. Ooh since it’s colder at the top, there was also some snow, which made the view even better!

Near the station was a path leading to rocky stairs that allowed us to climb even further up the hill. It’s the way toward the tori gate and the Hakone Motomiya shrine, as per the picture above. Earlier, the guide told us that we could go up and pray and our wishes would come true 😆 It’s a bit of a walk though and we had limited time, so we chose to walk along the flat path.



So if you’re in Hakone and just hanging near Lake Ashi, come ride the Mt. Komagatake ropeway for a great view on a bright and cloudless morning (check the weather forecast!). The ride costs only ¥1050, I think.

Check out Mt. Komagatake:

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  • Avatar
    February 7, 2016 at 7:04 PM

    bestnya Mia.. the view is so breathtaking…

  • Avatar
    March 16, 2016 at 2:10 PM

    So, that’s how it looks like at the top of Mt. Komagatake! Took the Viator tour last September, and the last stop for the tour was Mt. Komagatake. The weather was chilled (about 11 degree C) and it was foggy. We couldn’t see a thing – at all! And like that’s not enough, there was this weird “crow sound” and to hear that in the fog, not knowing what was making the sound was an adventure in itself. We walked all the way to the shrine… quite a distance but the whole experience was surreal 🙂 Your pictures make me wanna go there again during the summer maybe, just so I can enjoy the breathtaking view from high above.

    • Avatar
      March 29, 2016 at 6:54 PM

      If you want the view from the top, they say the best time is actually Jan and especially Feb as the skies are least cloudy 🙂 Also, do check the weather report before booking the tour.

      Ahhh I wish I had more time to walk all the way to the shrine!

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