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My Diesel Skinzee jeans

It’s been 3 years since I last shopped for staple jeans. During the last round I got myself 3 — one in indigo, one in grey and another in dark blue from the same label. After continuous wear, tear and wash, each began losing its color and shape, that I figured it’s high time I bring in new ones to the wardrobe. So while in Japan I started going into denim stores and giving the jeans a go to discover that no skinny jeans flatter quite as well and have character as the Skinzee from Diesel.

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So it was time to visit some shops.

What struck me first when I visited the Diesel store was the colors and details on the jeans (this view was reinforced when Reza, too, commented on the styles and colors that they had). I tried on the skinny jeans that they had, the Skinzee, particularly love the low cut version with zip detail on the ankles. Grabbed the same cut in a few colors and tried them. Liked them but gave myself time to think them over.

Just to be sure, I had to try jeans from other places over the course of a couple of weeks, in hopes of finding the one cut I could borong. I struggled to find the right fit.

Later, I went to Diesel and once again, picked the Skinzee that I’d tried in the previous month and in the fitting room, I had an OMG moment. Having tried jeans from other denim stores just before and struggling with them, I was amazed at how these fit perfectly.

I went home to read up on them later. Something about Diesel revamping its strategy and creating new styles and implementing the latest techniques so okay, it all sounded good.


So I went back to the store and got a pair of the Skinzee in dark blue wash. I liked it so much, that I returned to the store the next week to get another in light blue wash from the same style! So far happy with my purchases. Once I have grey and black pairs I’ll be all set 😆

Check out Diesel.

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