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  • Hokkaido

    Winter attractions in Furano

    Furano is a city somewhere in the middle of Hokkaido. Since it’s centrally located on higher grounds, it has a cooler inland temperature than the previous places that I’ve…

  • Hokkaido

    Discovering Food in Furano

    Furano is a city in the middle of Hokkaido, famous for its ski resorts, organic produce and lavender fields. It’s rather cold here, probably because of its location up…

  • Hokkaido

    Riding a dog sled at Rusutsu

    Drove to Rusutsu, a village near to Lake Toya. Rusutsu Resort is argued to be one of Hokkaido’s best ski resorts, with large ski areas covering several mountains.…

  • Hokkaido

    My soba making experience

    The highlights of my trips to Hokkaido always include the sights I saw and the activities I did. It was so cool to be given the opportunity to…

  • Hokkaido

    The best place to view Lake Toya

    I’ve visited the lakes in Japan before — they’re amazing, especially those surrounded by mountains. I thought I’d be visiting just another lake here, but nothing prepared me for…

  • Hokkaido

    Things to do in Hakodate

    Hakodate is Japan’s earliest port city, located at the southern tip of Hokkaido and the 3rd largest city after Sapporo and Asahikawa. After being isolated from the rest…

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